DC's New 52: Retailer Report 1

After the first full week of comic shops sales, CBR talks to retailers across the country about DC Comics New 52 titles to see what the fan response was, what shop owners want to see next and what books beyond "Justice League" hit big.

Retailers Respond To "Fantastic Four" #587

CBR News reaches out to comic shop owners and managers from coast to coast to see what kind of business they drew on Tuesday for Marvel's nationally-promoted "Death Bag" issue of "Fantastic Four" and how it affects their stores.

Retailers React To Marvel's iPad Move

With the 80-page "Invincible Iron Man Annual" headed to Apple's hot tablet device on the same day it lands in comic shops, CBR News rounds up reactions from some of the most recognizable names in comics retail.

Making Sense Of Marvel's Ring Swap Promo

Though the publisher's "trade 50 DC Comics covers for a Deadpool variant" gimmick has gotten creators, editors and retailers talking, the question remains whether the promotion has much of an effect beyond making noise