Marvel + DeFalco = Finished?

Writer and former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Tom DeFalco's "Amazing Spider- Girl" is ending, to be followed by shorts in "Amazing Spider-Man Family." But DeFalco's "Family" work might be his last for Marvel Comics.

REFLECTIONS: Creators' Faves of 2008

In this special holiday edition of REFLECTIONS, creators stop by to share their favorite comic books of 2008. Learn what Dan Abnett, Paul Dini, Marc Guggenheim, Jeph Loeb, Greg Pak and more chose as their book of the year.

REFLECTIONS: Paul Dini, Part I

In this first of a two-part interview, Paul Dini talks about bringing DiniCartoons to Top Cow, this week's "Jingle Belle" one-shot (with a six-page preview!) and bringing back Madame Mirage for a volume two.

REFLECTIONS: Josh Schwartz

The creator of "Gossip Girl" and "The O.C.," Josh Schwartz talks to CBR about his hit geek chic show, "Chuck," including this season's upcoming 3-D episode, guest stars and much, much more.


Writer Justin Gray stops by to talk about his new “Terra” miniseries, his new “Power Girl” ongoing series, what’s in store for Jonah Hex, and what lies ahead now that he is no longer exclusive with DC Comics.


“Dragon Prince” writer Ron Marz talks about the sleeper success of the first issue, what’s coming up for the series, and its long journey to comic stores. Also, see preview artwork of the second issue before it hits stands this week!

REFLECTIONS: Marc Guggenheim

Marc Guggenheim talks the second season of his acclaimed ABC series “Eli Stone,” offering spoilers about character developments, guest stars (Sigourney Weaver and Katie Holmes) and, of course, musical numbers.

REFLECTIONS: Marc Andreyko

Marc Andreyko talks to CBR about returning to "Manhunter" after a year away and how successful it has been. The writer also teases upcoming storylines, shares his proudest moments, and hypes his new Wildstorm series.


"The Stand" artist Mike Perkins stops by REFLECTIONS to talk about the first stages of undertaking a three-year comic book epic, his favorite parts of the novel, and the launch parties for the highly anticipated project.

REFLECTIONS: Kurt Busiek, Part III

Kurt Busiek finishes up his "trinity" of interviews with REFLECTIONS by talking about the master plan of "Trinity," continuity glitches concerning Chris Kent in "Superman" and teases when we may next see Khyber.

REFLECTIONS: Kurt Busiek, Part II

Kurt Busiek returns for the second of a three-part REFLECTIONS, this week discussing his views on the "Trinity" of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, and how his take may differ from common opinion.

REFLECTIONS: Kurt Busiek, Part I

In this first of a multi-part interview, Kurt Busiek talks to CBR News about the critical reaction to the first month of the weekly DC Comics series "Trinity" and how he is dealing with the workload.

REFLECTIONS: J. Michael Straczynski, Part II

J.M. Straczynski returns to talk about "The Twelve," what team ups you will (and will not) see in "The Brave and the Bold," his thoughts on Superman's marriage, and gives some advice to burgeoning writers and artists.

REFLECTIONS: J. Michael Straczynski, Part I

J. Michael Straczynski talks about "Changeling," his new film directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Angelina Jolie, "Thor," "One More Day," and tells us the highs and lows of his prolific career in comics, television and now film.


Tony Bedard talks to CBR's Robert Taylor about "Birds of Prey," having Barbara Gordon and The Joker meet for the first time since "The Killing Joke," and looks at "Countdown to Final Crisis" in retrospect.


Esteemed writer and artist Dan Jurgens stops by REFLECTIONS to speak with about his return to Tangent Comics, drawing DC's hit "Booster Gold," his Metamorpho origin story, and much more.

REFLECTIONS #240: Mark Waid

Mark Waid stops by to talk about his job as Editor-in-Chief of BOOM! Studios, what he looks for in comics pitches that come across his desk, and his work on “Brave and the Bold” and “The Flash.”