Recap | Arrow: 'Sacrifice'

As the first season of Arrow comes to an earth-shaking end, Malcolm Merlyn's scheme is exposed, Oliver and Laurel finally demonstrate why they belong together, and one of the characters makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Recap | Arrow: 'The Undertaking'

In "The Undertaking," Oliver finally gets around to rescuing Walter, Moira's involvement in Malcolm's scheme is exposed, Team Arrow gets back together, and we stop feeling so bad about the death Frank Chen.

Recap | Arrow: 'Home Invasion'

As John Diggle sees an opportunity to take out Deadshot, Oliver is faced with a decision whether to help his friend or protect Laurel. Tommy, meanwhile, is confronted by some tough choices of his own.

Recap | Doctor Who: 'Cold War'

in "Cold War," the Doctor and Clara find themselves in the early 1980s, trapped aboard a sinking Soviet nuclear submarine with the crew and a very old foe: an ice Warrior.

Recap | Arrow: 'Unfinished Business'

The Count returns to Arrow this week as Vertigo again floods the streets of Starling City, sending Oliver Queen in search of the source, and Detective Lance on the trail of Tommy Merlyn.

Recap | Arrow: 'Salvation'

In "Salvation," Oliver Queen goes on the hunt of another vigilante, the Lance family gets caught up in the idea that Sara might still be alive, and Roy Harper is given a chance for redemption.

Recap | Arrow: 'The Huntress Returns'

In "The Huntress Returns," a still-vengeful Helena Bertinelli reappears in Starling City determined to kill her father before he can disappear into witness protection, and she's willing to put Oliver's loved ones in her sights to reach her target.

Recap | The Walking Dead: 'Prey'

In "Prey," Milton and Andrea finally make their stands against the Governor as the leader of Woodbury goes off the deep end. It remains to be seen just how much they both failed in their attempts.

Recap | Arrow: 'Dead to Rights'

In "Dead to Rights," the spotlight turns on Tommy and Malcolm Merlyn as Moira Queen puts her plan into action, China White lures a familiar face out of retirement in Bludhaven, and Laurel Lance comes face to face with her mother.

Recap | Arrow: 'Dodger'

As Team Arrow and the police pursue James Callis' international jewel thief, the chess pieces move into place for the final six episodes of Arrows first season: Moira plots against Malcolm Merlyn, Roy Harper appears, and love is in the air.

Recap | The Walking Dead: 'Home'

A death, an attack and visions of a deceased character made "Home" one of the most enjoyable episodes of The Walking Dead's third season. Things are definitely going to get worse for the survivors before they get any better -- especially with the Governor around.

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