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CBR TV 2008: 5 Questions With The Punisher #3

In this installment, "Punisher: War Zone" star Ray Stevenson discusses his enormous fondness for the MAX Comics series written by Garth Ennis, saying the writer demonstrated "the real truth of the character."

Cast & Crew Talk "Punisher: War Zone"

The director, stars, and producer of "Punisher: War Zone" talk about their interest in the ultra-violent character and praise comics writer Garth Ennis as a major inspiration for the new film, which opens today in U.S. cinemas.

CBR TV 2008: 5 Questions With The Punisher #2

Actor Ray Stevenson sits down with CBR TV to talk about "Punisher: War Zone." In this second question, Stevenson compares the role of Frank Castle with that of Titus Pullo, the character he played in HBO's "Rome."

This week, feeling inspired by the recently-released "Punisher Omnibus" and the upcoming "Punisher War Zone" film to think about the relationship between comics, culture, and cinema, Tim talks about "Being Frank Castle."

Punisher War Zone: The CBR Review

With phrases like "hyper-violent," "twisted," "blood-spatter," and "well-timed gore," CBR's Erik Amaya says the third attempt at a screen version of the Punisher is mostly everything you want from a Punisher movie.

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