ray fawkes

Robin: Son of Batman #7

Patrick Gleason, Ray Fawkes, Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens continue the "Robin War" crossover in "Robin: Son of Batman" #7, but a storyline that started off strong is starting to lose steam.

Detective Comics #47

The Robins are all locked up, even as Grayson confronts Jim Gordon, but "Detective Comics" #47 comes across like less than a full chapter's worth of story in "Robin War."

Gotham by Midnight Annual #1

The first "Gotham by Midnight Annual" has a strong opening thanks to Ray Fawkes and Christian Duce, but its conclusion feels a little aimless and reuses an increasingly familiar deus ex machina.

Gotham by Midnight #6

"Gotham By Midnight" #6 has new series artist Juan Ferryra join Ray Fawkes and, even as the team recovers from their loss at the end of the previous story arc, a more mundane case comes their way.

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