Are TV Networks Beginning to Accept Online Viewers?

Amid all the furor over the concept of "cord-cutting" and replacing traditional television with the Internet, studios and networks have quietly started offering early Internet release of shows online. Is this an attempt to get a jump on the world of tomorrow, or simply a sign of old television surrendering to new television?

Are TV Shows Doomed To Lose Viewers?

The news that Syfy's Warehouse 13 mysteriously dropped in the ratings last week got me thinking about television ratings and the weirdness therein... Mainly, it got me wondering: are all television shows destined to lose viewers?

Futurama's Future Looks Bright

Move over, Jon Stewart; Comedy Central has a new ratings winner, and it's one that's less dependent on cameos from Olivia Munn and John Hodgman... Well, so far: The little show that could, Futurama.