Doctor No: Why I'm Scared About the Doctor Who Movie News

Despite what seemed like an announcement yesterday, it's still unclear whether the BBC is really working on a big-screen version of Doctor Who, with mooted-director David Yates' comments on the subject seemingly contradicted by those working on the show within 24 hours. But if it is true, there are certain things that should be borne in mind by Yates and everyone else involved.

The Loneliness Of The Long-Distance Previously Editor

Sometimes, I think about how frustrating it must be to work in television. You spend all season planning out your plots, how to lace them in and out of episodes without making anything seem too obvious or unsubtle, and when you finally create an episode where the denouement seems to be both unexpected and make total sense, you have to watch in horror as everything gets given away by the "Previously on" recap before the credits.

Movie Industry: Enough With The Transmedia Already

It's weird the way that the movie year breaks down differently from the real world. Instead of Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, we've got the Holiday Season, the Awards Season, the Season Where Movies Are Dumped, and Summer. Or, as I've started to refer to it, the Transmedia Season... which may be part of the problem.

Seven Years Is Enough For Any Television Series, Right?

I had an odd reaction to the news that Fox's Bones has been renewed for a seventh season earlier this week: The feeling that, finally, things could start wrapping up and coming to an end in a sensible, graceful manner. Why was that so odd, you may ask? Because no-one involved with the show has even hinted that Bones's seventh year will be its last. It's just my wishful thinking.

The Worst Movie Never Made

Like everyone else, every now and again, I think of a movie or a television adaptation that just seems so perfect that I can't imagine that it's never actually happened, and internally convince myself that I am some undiscovered genius of the medium. And then, like last night, I accidentally imagine what would be the worst comic movie possible.

Why The Box Office Doesn't Matter Anymore

I think it was the news that the follow-up to Tron: Legacy was moving ahead, despite the relative disappointment of last year's 20-years-after-the-fact sequel, that made me really stop and think: When will we all stop paying attention to the box office?

Why The New Green Lantern Footage Is What We Should've Seen First

I'll admit it: The new Green Lantern footage that premiered at Wondercon - Is it a trailer? I guess it's a trailer, right? - was much more Green Lantern-y than the first scenes we'd seen from the movie, and much more comforting to fans of the character as a result. Should Warners have waited so long before showing off Oa and the Corps to the world?

Why Can't NBC Come Up With Good Genre TV Anymore?

There's something depressingly familiar about the rumors that NBC's The Event is destined for cancellation before the end of its first season. After all the hype and hope of the show's launch, audiences and critics alike failed to care enough to ensure a second year. Still, at least it made it further than Undercovers, cancelled before it even reached mid-season. Why can't NBC draw a genre audience anymore?

No More Disasterporn, Please?

With fears of nuclear meltdown in Japan following last weekend's terrible earthquake and tsunami, it'd be nice to think that Hollywood wasn't already working on how to cash-in on our newest fears. Nice, but let's face it, probably very unlikely.

Can 17 Precincts Make Up For One Flawed Battlestar?

Am I the only one who got the strangest feeling of deja vu when I read that 17th Precinct, the new NBC pilot created by Battlestar Galactica's Ron Moore, will star Battlestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber and James Callis of... Battlestar Galactica? Is history repeating for anyone else, and if it is, is that a good thing or not?

Why NBC's Wonder Woman Should Seem Much More Familiar...

Is there a word for the opposite of anticipation? Is dread really the word I'm looking for? Whatever the correct term would be for what I'm feeling, Thursday's casting news for NBC's Wonder Woman brought that feeling out in spades. Why isn't anyone else getting DC Comics deja vu about the car-crash this project is turning into?

The Problem With Pilot Season

It's pilot season in television land, that time of year when networks announce all manner of new and exciting projects that we'll probably never get to see. Can you tell what's wrong with this picture?

How Not To Respond To Criticism

There's a good way and a bad way to respond to negative criticism, and complaining that it's "uncool" or claiming that it comes from people who "are just not legitimate reviewers, period" is most definitely not the good way. So why isn't someone trying to stop the people behind Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark from saying anything about the show's bad reviews?

Why It Pays To Lower Expectations Ahead Of Time

I'll be the first person to admit that I wasn't expecting a lot from X-Men: First Class, and also one of the first to admit that the trailer wasn't as bad as I'd feared from rumors, photos and interviews I'd seen ahead of time. But I can't help but notice that that's something that I'm seeing in a lot of reactions online - the "it's not as bad as I'd thought it'd be" reaction. Which makes me wonder: How useful are low expectations?

Do We Prefer Comfort TV To Good TV?

Every now and again, you'll see something on television that will stop you in your tracks and make everything else you've seen recently pale in comparison. Which raises the question: Why does television so often fail to live up to its potential?

The Pros and Cons of Planet Netflix

Now that it's passed the 20 millionth subscriber mark, I think it's safe to say that home movie entertainment belongs to Netflix - especially when the company starts making noise about taking pay-per-view rights away from HBO. But if our future is going to come in a red and white envelope, isn't it time to wonder if Netflix is up to the job?

5 Suggestions To Make New NBC Better Than The Old NBC

Now that the merger between NBC Universal and Kabletown - sorry, I mean, Comcast - has been approved by the FCC and introductory memos have been sent out to all staff members to make it official, it's time for the peacock network to start living up to its new motto and make history (again). Here're five thoughts how they can do that.

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