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Robert Kirkman Takes Over "Pilot Season"

The "Image United" writer talked with CBR News about his and Marc Silvestri's takeover of Top Cow Productions' "Pilot Season" and gave us an exclusive preview of "Murderer," which kicks off "Pilot Season" on December 2.

BCC: Top Cow Panel

This weekend at Baltimore Comic-Con, Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri unveiled details on their upcoming "Pilot Season" collaboration and writer Ron Marz discussed his own work on Top Cow's "Witchblade," "Angelus," and "Magdalena."

EXCLUSIVE: Silvestri's "Demonic" Cover

Courtesy of Top Cow, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at the Marc Silvestri cover for "Pilot Season: Demonic," written by Robert Kirkman, illustrated by Joe Benitez and co-created by Kirkman and Silvestri.


Our Top Cow spotlight continues with Vice President of Editorial Rob Levin, who talks to CBR News about his history with the company, developing Pilot Season, editing "Madame Mirage," and what's next for the Cow.

WEEK OF TOP COW: Filip Sablik

Our WEEK OF TOP COW feature continues with an in-depth chat with Publisher Filip Sablik about his rise from marketing manager to head of the Cow's comics operation, online initiatives, Pilot Season, and more.

COMMENTARY TRACK: Pilot Season - Cyblade

In anticipation of Top Cow's upcoming, Rick Mays-illustrated "Cyblade" ongoing series, writer Joshua Hale Fialkov gets his commentary on with "Pilot Season: Cyblade," a winner of last year's Pilot Season competition.

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