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Black Canary #4

In "Black Canary" #4 by Brenden Fletcher and Pia Guerra, Dinah goes after Ditto's kidnapper and a high-stakes chase turns into a moving origin story.

Y: The Last Man Lands Director

New Line Cinema has hired Dan Trachtenberg, a commercials director who gained attention for his live-action fan short based on the video game Portal, to helm the recently revived adaptation of Y: The Last Man.

Reviewing "Y The Last Man"

Augie wraps up his review of "Y The Last Man" with a look at the best issues, the lettering and more. Plus, various thoughts on 'graphic tees,' movie release timetables and Kickstarter,

Why, It's "Y The Last Man"

Augie finally catches up on reading "Y The Last Man" and raves over Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's seminal Vertigo series. This week, he examines why it works, down to the lettering and coloring.

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