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Superman #1

Raising a half-human/half-Kryptonion child isn't easy, but it's even more difficult when the other two-thirds of the Trinity come knocking in Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason and Mick Grey's "Superman" #1.

Superman: Rebirth #1

Lana and Clark both have plans for Superman's remains in Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Doug Mahnke and Jaime Mendoza's "Superman: Rebirth" #1.

Action Comics #52

Peter J. Tomasi, Dale Eaglesham, Scot Eaton and Wayne Faucher unleash the Super-Pretender on pre-New 52 Superman in "Action Comics" #52, but the early momentum of this storyline is fading fast.

Superman/Wonder Woman #28

"Superman/Wonder Woman" #28 marks the halfway point of "The Final Days of Superman," but -- even as Peter J. Tomasi's script ties up more super-powered loose ends -- Ed Benes's art falls a little too flat.

Action Comics #51

Superman all but forces Supergirl into his role in Peter J. Tomasi, Paul Pelletier and Sandra Hope Archer's "Action Comics" #51.

Batman/Superman #31

Peter J. Tomasi, Doug Mahnke and Jaime Mendoza continue "The Final Days of Superman" in "Batman/Superman" #31, which introduces new foes, follows up on an introduction from the first chapter and ties off a loose thread.

Detective Comics #51

In Peter J. Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin's "Detective Comics" #51, the members of Jim Gordon's former Marine unit are being hunted down -- and he's next.

Superman #51

In "Superman" #51, Peter J. Tomasi and Mikel Janin kick off a storyline that has a distinctly different title than originally advertised, and one that now looks to lead directly into "Superman: Rebirth."

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