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ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Spider-Girl" #2

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Spider-Girl" #2 by Paul Tobin and Clayton Henry. The issue, featuring a cover by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, hist stores on Wednesday, December 15.

Tobin, Higgins & Siegel Get Their "Game On"

January's "Avengers Academy," "Spider-Girl" and "Young Allies" annuals crossover, putting the teen heroes in the sights of the assassin, Arcade. We spoke with Paul Tobin, Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel about the project.

ADVANCE PREVIEW: "I Am An Avenger" #2

Marvel has released an advance look at "I Am An Avenger" #2, featuring stories by Greg Rucka, Sean McKeever and Paul Tobin with art by Mike Mayhew and more. The issue, with a Greg Land cover, hits stores October 13.

CCI: Paul Tobin Talks Spider-Girl

The fan-favorite "Marvel Adventures" writer Paul Tobin talks to CBR News about his newest work, "Spider-Girl," an ongoing Marvel Comics series starring Anya Corazon with artwork by Clayton Henry.

CCI: Paul Tobin on "Savage Sword"

Dark Horse is launching a new anthology series featuring the full spectrum of Robert E. Howard's heroes. CBR News spoke with writer Paul Tobin about his Conan story in December's "Savage Sword" #1.

WC10: Dark Horse's "Predators" Writers

CBR spoke with writers Marc Andreyko, David Lapham, and Paul Tobin about their tie-ins to Robert Rodriguez's "Predators." Dark Horse has a prelude, film adaptation and sequel miniseries lined up, and we have the details.

CCC09: Spider-Man & The Secret Wars

Paul Tobin and Patrick Scherberger take fans on a trip back to 1984 as they bring us the details behind the web-slinger's newest old outing in "Spider-Man and the Secret Wars" limited series.

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