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Justice League #51

In "Justice League" #51, Dan Abnett, Paul Pelletier and Sandra Hope flash back to the early days of the League, when they first met Robin, and it's is surprisingly fun.

Action Comics #51

Superman all but forces Supergirl into his role in Peter J. Tomasi, Paul Pelletier and Sandra Hope Archer's "Action Comics" #51.

Justice League: Darkseid War Special #1

Geoff Johns' "Justice League: Darkseid War Special" #1 is carried by a strong artistic team and the equally strong characters Jessica Cruz, aka Power Ring, and Grail, daughter of Darkseid.

Is Twice Monthly Twice as Nice?

With DC's "Rebirth" titles impending, Ron Marz recounts his own experiences juggling scripts on comics that shipped more frequently than monthly.

Batman and Robin Eternal #3

Tim Seeley throttles back the pace of James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder's story, but excellent and realistic art by Paul Pelletier and company make "Batman and Robin Eternal" #3 nice to look at when there isn't a lot going on.

Batman and Robin Eternal #2

The Bat Family must deal with mysterious assassins sent to kill them all in Tim Seeley, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and Paul Pelletier's "Batman and Robin Eternal" #2.

Justice League United #13

"Justice League United" #13 sends a whole new crew on another Breaker-busting mission as Jeff Parker and Paul Pelletier bring in Vandal Savage, Robotman and Batgirl.

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