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C2E2: DC Universe Panel

Brian Azzarello, James Robinson, Bill Willingham, Paul Levitz, and editor Ian Sattler took the stage at C2E2 to discuss their current and upcoming projects, including "Justice League," Legion of Super Heroes," and "First Wave."

Brian Hibbs looks back at what Paul Levitz has meant to the Direct Market over the last few decades, and what his exit from DC's executive branch may mean, not only for DC Comics, but for the entire comic book publishing industry.

This week: Here comes the new DC, same as the old DC?; Original graphic novels - threat or menace?; lunatic fringes on the tea party doilies; plus APE, Bertolt Brecht, who's rich now, other notes and the Comics Cover Challenge.

Levitz & Nelson on DC Entertainment

Outgoing DC Comics President & Publisher Paul Levitz and newly appointed DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson talk to CBR News about the restructuring of DC and what it means for comics publishing, multimedia and beyond.

Industry Reacts to Levitz, DC Entertainment

Creators from Marv Wolfman to Keith Giffen and beyond give CBR their first response to the news that Paul Levitz will step down as DC Comics' Publisher and what DC Entertainment could mean for the company's future.

Warner Bros. Restructures DC Comics

Warner Bros. Pictures Group President Jeff Robinov has implemented a plan to restructure DC Comics. WB's Diane Nelson has been put in charge of the publisher, with Paul Levitz resigning as President and Publisher.

Teenagers From The Future

Scholar, teacher, CBR Reviewer and "Grant Morrison: The Early Years" author Timothy Callahan edits a powerful collection of analytical essays on DC's legendary Legion of Super-Heroes; its history, reinvention and fans.

Just in time for the newest issue of Geoff Johns and George Perez's "Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds," Timothy chats with novelist - and lifelong LoSH fan - Barry Lyga about what makes the 31st century so special

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