paul jenkins

Paul recounts his convention horror stories, which is the story of every convention he's attended.

Paul attends a wedding, and nearly conducts the ceremony.

Paul gets a bad haircut and hunts squirrel. Or is it chipmunk?

As Paul settles in to fatherhood and the joys of Baby TV, he begins to recall his misadventures in dating.

Paul does a podcast from the freeway and Torak the Slayer takes a very important phone call.

In which Paul and Joe Quesada talk up "Civil War" on National Public Radio.

In which Paul lives in interesting times, incurs the wrath of the Gods, and is ignored by his Insurance Company.

With his wife Nigh Perfect about to begin a two-week run as guest columnist, Paul preempts her inevitable efforts to embarrass him by embarrassing her first.

Waiting on tenterhooks for the arrival of Torak the Slayer, Paul recounts more of his favorite injuries.

Paul presents a tour of the Marvel Comics offices, where he'd make a few changes if he were in charge.

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