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Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Ka-Zar" #1, the first issue of Paul Jenkins and Pascal Alixe's new 5-issue miniseries. Return to the Savage Land on June 8!

PREVIEW: "X-Men: Prelude to Schism" #1

Marvel has released an advance look at "X-Men: Prelude to Schism" #1 by Paul Jenkins and Robert De La Torre with a cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli. The next major X-Men storyline starts on May 4.


Marvel Comics has released an advance look at the June-debuting "Ka-Zar" miniseries by writer Paul Jenkins and artist Pascal Alixe. The first issue, with a cover by Alixe, roars into comic stores on June 8.

Jenkins Moves "Heaven & Earth" for Thor

Readers will get a chance to see how diverse the title character can be with the four issue "Thor: Heaven & Earth" miniseries by writer Paul Jenkins and an all-star team of artists. We spoke with Jenkins about the book.

Jenkins Ends "Son of Hulk"

With the series finale hitting stores tomorrow, Paul Jenkins explained to CBR News how his tale of Hulk's upstart son's decision to go toe to toe with Galactus came to be and how it will help lead to next year's "Fall of the Hulks."

His two-year vacation finally over, Paul Jenkins has finally come to light at CBR with his all new, all different FLOGGING A DEAD HORSE column! Thrills, chills and spills are in store as Paul tells how he landed, well, here!

IN-DEPTH: Paul Jenkins

The writer of such books as "Inhumans," "Wolverine: Origin," "The Darkness," "Hellblazer" and more, Paul Jenkins goes in-depth with CBR News about his long career in comics, and how he almost literally fell into the profession.

Paul Jenkins Talks The Darkness/Pitt

After nearly five years of waiting, the showdown between The Darkness and Pitt is finally in stores this week. Writer Paul Jenkins spoke with CBR about the miniseries and why he thinks young Tim makes the characters work together.

In which Paul leads a jam session to one-up Joe Quesada's annual Christmas song.

Paul and Nigh Perfect throw a party, and all of Atlanta is there... including a few swingers.

Paul can talk his way into or out of anything--with the right accent, of course.

In which history repeats itself, awkwardly.

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