paul jenkins

Training Day

Paul Jenkins returns with a harrowing tale of a British expat now living in the South of the United States and coming to terms with being a natural marksman with semi-automatic weapons.

Most Stupid Injuries - Part 4

Paul Jenkins' newest FLOGGING column takes a trip down memory lane and features tales of his brother, "Hellblazer," and another of Paul's "Ten Most Stupid Injuries."

Driving Miss Crazy

Paul Jenkins' latest installment of FLOGGING warns us not about the impending Zombie Apocalypse, but about how the Artificial Intelligence we rely on to improve our lives is trying to kill us.

Guess Who's Back!

Paul Jenkins and FLOGGING returns to CBR, as the writer waxes poetic on the world that is Twitter and teases details about his and Humberto Ramos' current Kickstarter project, "Fairy Quest." Plus, Betty White!

Peter Milligan Joins "Stormwatch"

DC Comics has announced Peter Milligan will come on as writer for "Stormwatch" beginning with issue #9 in May following his departure from "Justice League Dark."

Paul Jenkins Joins "Stormwatch" in March

Paul Jenkins' DC Comics workload increases in March as the "Batman: The Dark Knight" writer takes the helm of "Stormwatch" for a two-issue storyline. UPDATE: Paul Cornell announces #6 as his final issue.

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