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Dini Takes it to the Streets of Gotham

Veteran television and comics writer Paul Dini is writing not one, but two Batverse titles in the Dick Grayson Batman era of the DC Universe. In this the first of a two-part interview, Dini talks to CBR about "Batman: Streets of Gotham."

Paul Dini Talks Batman: Arkham Asylum

Paul Dini talks to CBR News about scripting the hotly anticipated new video game "Batman: Arkham Asylum," starring the voices of his old "Batman: The Animated" series friends Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammil.

Producer Talks "Batman: Arkham Asylum"

CBR News talks with producer Nathan Barlow about "Batman: Arkham Asylum," the increasingly anticipated new video game written by Paul Dini and starring the voices of "Batman: The Animated Series" stars Kevin Conroy & Mark Hammil.

WC: DC Nation Panel

Friday afternoon at WonderCon's DC Nation panel, DC Comics announced which two of the June-debuting series Paul Dini will be writing, a new role for "Manhunter" Kate Spencer, and named the leads for "Gotham City Sirens."

REFLECTIONS: Creators' Faves of 2008

In this special holiday edition of REFLECTIONS, creators stop by to share their favorite comic books of 2008. Learn what Dan Abnett, Paul Dini, Marc Guggenheim, Jeph Loeb, Greg Pak and more chose as their book of the year.


Paul Dini returns to talk about his DC Comics work, including his run on "Detective Comics," his thoughts on "Batman R.I.P.," what team book he would like to write, and his ideas for reforming Batman's rogues' gallery.

REFLECTIONS: Paul Dini, Part I

In this first of a two-part interview, Paul Dini talks about bringing DiniCartoons to Top Cow, this week's "Jingle Belle" one-shot (with a six-page preview!) and bringing back Madame Mirage for a volume two.

Dini Cuts Into "The Heart of Hush"

"Detective Comics" writer Paul Dini talks to CBR about "The Heart of Hush," a new five-part arc that sees the return of Hush and ties-in to "Batman R.I.P." Will Hush be the one to finish the Batman, or even succeed him?

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