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Ellison & Chadwick Vs. History

Amidst the Comic-Con International madness, Tim discovers Harlan Ellison and Paul Chadwick's recently-released original graphic novel "7 Against Chaos," and decides that it is a rather pleasant surprise.

Harlan Ellison Explores "7 Against Chaos"

Legendary science fiction writer Harlan Ellison talks about "7 Against Chaos," the original graphic novel created with Paul Chadwick and Ken Steacy to explore classic heroism and the impending end of the world.

Chaykin "Marks" "Dark Horse Presents"

Dark Horse has announced Howard Chaykin will join the list of A-list creators involved with the relaunch of "Dark Horse Presents" with "Marked Man," a story the acclaimed creator will write and illustrate.

Xerxes, Concrete Cover "Dark Horse Presents" #1

Dark Horse has released covers for the first issue of "Dark Horse Presents." Launching in 2011, the first issue features the return of Paul Chadwick's Concrete and a look at Frank Miller's Xerxes. UPDATED with "Concrete" story pages.

Gertler Reintroduces "Salimba"

About Comics publisher Nat Gertler discusses "Salimba," a new collection of works from the late Steve Perry with art by Paul Chadwick and a new prose tale with illustrations by Steve Bissette.

The Return Of "Dark Horse Presents"

Mike Richardson spoke about the return of the anthology that began it all, "Dark Horse Presents," which will feature stories by many "DHP" alumni. Plus, an exclusive look at new "Concrete" art by Paul Chadwick!