Where Is Our Olympic Drama?

NBC has faced criticism over the last week or so about its coverage of the London Olympics, for trying to turn the real events into something that more closely resembles an easily-digestible narrative. Instead of simply condemning this, though, it raises another question for me: Why didn't NBC just make a drama about the Olympics?

How Much Olympics Is Too Much? Ask NBC

I am not a sports buff. Let's get that out of the way first; I rarely watch sports, and my thrice-weekly trips to the gym are the closest I get to the kind of physical exertion necessary to actually play a sport. And yet, I've been sucked in by this year's Summer Olympics. There's just one problem: NBC clearly doesn't want me to check out their coverage of it on television, for some reason.

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Kobe Bryant, Olympic Gold & Comics

Ever wonder what NBA superstar Kobe Bryant read on the plane to China for this year's Olympic Games? Comics shop clerk Taio Iwado found out when the player stopped in to pick up some "Preacher" and "100 Bullets."