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The CBR Review: "Cowboys & Aliens"

Jon Favreau's "Cowboys & Aliens" is a solid film that will please fans of the Western and sci-fi genres, offering solid performances from a likable ensemble who elevate the film above its few flaws.

Craig And Ford Share Stage In New Cowboys & Aliens Poster

Universal Pictures and DreamWorks have debuted a new poster for the Jon Favreau-directed sci-fi Western, which stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell. Cowboys & Aliens has its world premiere at Comic-Con International before opening nationwide on July 29.

Second TV Spot Debuts For Jon Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens

Universal Pictures and DreamWorks have released a new television spot for the comic-book adaptation, which stars Daniel Craig as a stranger with a mysterious shackle on his wrist and no memory of his past who holds the key to saving a desert town from alien invaders.

Second "Cowboys & Aliens" Trailer Debuts

Universal Pictures has released the second trailer for "Cowboys & Aliens" directed by Jon Favreau. The film stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde and will be released July 29, 2011. UPDATED with screenshots.

WC 11: "Cowboys & Aliens" Invade WonderCon

Jon Favreau and Roberto Orci presented WonderCon with a special preview reel from "Cowboys & Aliens" before sharing their support of 2D filmmaking, a message from Olivia Wilde and Favreau's dream comic role.

"Cowboys" & Writers: Roberto Orci

"Cowboys & Aliens" writer/producer Roberto Orci spoke with CBR News about the excitement and challenges in creating a Western/Sci-Fi film and getting an education on the Western from Steven Spielberg.

Favreau Mixes "Cowboys & Aliens"

Jon Favreau spoke with CBR News about the joining together of Western and sci-fi films in "Cowboys & Aliens" with the director expressing his confidence in his ability to successful merge the two genres.

On the Set of "Cowboys & Aliens"

CBR News visited the set of "Cowboys & Aliens" and spoke with director Jon Favreau and members of the cast about working in the dramatic New Mexico desert and the special opportunity to make a Western with aliens.

"Cowboys & Aliens" Trailer Hits Web

Get a first look at director Jon Favreau's follow up to "Iron Man" as Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford prove unlikely allies in an Old West shootout against visitors from beyond the stars in "Cowboys & Aliens."

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