X-POSITION: NYX's Marjorie Liu

Novelist and current "NYX" scribe Marjorie Liu answers fan questions about the new mini, gives writing tips, and lets loose on Big Damn Apes. Plus, an EXCLUSIVE first look at the cover to "NYX" #4!

No Way Home: Liu talks "NYX"

On sale this week is issue #1 of "NYX: No Way Home," the return of Marvel's east coast runaways. CBR News spoke with writer Marjorie Liu about her plans for the series' cast of homeless mutant teenagers.

Marvel Comics Solicitations for August, 2008

Marvel has released images and solicitation text for new comics and products on sale in August, 2008, including new issues of "Secret Invasion" and related tie-ins, "NYX: No Way Home," "Venom: Dark Origin" and much more.