Crime Pays for Andy Diggle at Dynamite

CBR spoke with Andy Diggle about his as of yet untitled crime comic announced by Dynamite at NYCC, with the writer revealing his leading man's name and unusual ability which makes him a thief among thieves.

NYCC: Hine, Spurrier Speak Out On "Crossed"

David Hine and Si Spurrier, the writers behind "Crossed: Badlands" and "Crossed: Wish You Were Here" talk about writing the most violent, twisted comics on the stands and reveal details on the "Crossed: Badlands" annual.

Dark Horse Takes X & Ghost To "2 Past Midnight"

Dark Horse Comics' X and Ghost meet classic hero Captain Midnight in an all-new story written by Duane Swierczynski debuting digitally for users of ePlate credit cards. CBR has an exclusive preview and talk with Swierczynski.

NYCC: Gay Marriage In Comics

At the NYCC Gay Marriage in Comics Panel, Paul Kupperberg, Dan Parent, Joan Hilty and Phil Jimenez discussed the controversy and representation, Queer vs. Gay comics and Kevin Keller's high school love life.

Van Lente Recruits "G.I. Joe" For IDW

Writer Fred Van Lente spoke with CBR News about his upcoming "G.I. Joe" relaunch for IDW, including the new Joe status quo following the end of the current series and what fans can expect moving forward.

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