NYCC: Johnny DC

Senior Editor Jan Jann jones and creators Landry Walker, Eric Jones, Sholly Fisch, Art Baltazar and Franco met with fans at New York Comic Con to discuss DC Comics' line of all-ages books, and to talk about getting kids into comics.

CBR TV @ NYCC 2009: Joe Quesada, Part I

In this first installment of a two-part interview with CBR TV, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada discusses his staff's obsession with Twitter and director Kenneth Brannagh's approach to the Thunder God, Thor.

NYCC: Jerry Robinson

Author Danny Fingeroth hosted one of comics' greats, the writer-artist-editor- historian Jerry Robinson, in a discussion about Batman, Bob Kane, the Siegel and Schuster settlement, and almost 70 years in the business.

NYCC: Torchwood

Actress Eve Myles and director Euros Lyn took to the stage to discuss the coming season of "Torchwood" with dedicated fans and answer some "cheeky" questions at last weekend's New York Comic Con, and CBR was there.

NYCC: Chuck

"Chuck" creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak joined star Yvonne Strahovski to talk to New York Comic Con attendees about the fun they have making the smart and geeky NBC comedy.

NYCC: Wonder Woman

Following the premiere of the DC Universe animated film "Wonder Woman," producer Bruce Timm, screenwriter Michael Jelenic and director Lauren Montgomery participated in a panel discussion with fans of the new movie, and CBR was there.

NYCC: Fringe

Executive Producer Jeff Pinkner and the cast of "Fringe" had a lot of fun teasing the New York Comic Con audience about what's to come in the hit Fox television series, and star Lance Reddick reveals what book he looks for at the comics shop.

NYCC: Marvel - Your Universe

Marvel's Tom Brevoort led an open forum with New York Comic Con attendees to discuss the good, bad and ugly of all things Marvel, including "Ultimatum," "One More Day," event fatigue, Stephen King, Icon and much more.

NYCC: Dark Horse

The Goon, Buffy, Beasts of Burden and more earn some love from fans at New York Comic Con's Dark Horse panel, featuring Eric Powell and Evan Dorkin, with news about Mike Mignola, Gabriel Bá & Fábio Moon and Stan Sakai.

NYCC: Wildstorm

Jim Lee and the editors and creators behind Wildstorm discuss the DC Comics imprint's plans for 2009, including new collections of "Sleeper," more licensed comics, the return of "Astro City," and more.

NYCC: The Image Comics Show - UPDATED!

A new slate of May-launching comics, the return of "Dead@17,'" Man of Action's big plans, Whilce Portacio's early career stories and more were discussed at The Image Comics Panel at NYCC. UPDATED with tons of art!

NYCC: Green Lantern at 50

An all-star panel of Green Lantern creators including Geoff Johns, Joe Staton, Marv Wolfman, Len Wein and editor Robert Greenberger met with a huge number of fans at New York Comic Con to celebrate the fiftieth birthday of Hal Jordan.

Augie visited the convention over the weekend and files his report, with a few bonus pictures including a spine-tingling near death encounter with the Hulk. Also, there are more copyright infringement/fair use flare-ups to discuss!

NYCC: Terminator Salvation

"Terminator Salvation" director McG premiered brand new footage of the upcoming apocalyptic actioner at NYCC and fielded fan questions ranging from Arnold's involvement to Christian Bale's infamous outburst.

NYCC: Comics Writers on Comics Writing

Walt & Louise Simonson, Colleen Doran, Christos Gage, Tom DeFalco and Jimmy Palmiotti met with fans in New York to discuss their careers as comics writers and the challenges of working in the singular medium.

NYCC: Kindergoth Comes to TV

"The Dark Knight" producer Michael Uslan, son David Uslan, producer Tom Lynch and writer Len Wein hosted a panel discussion spotlighting Lee Kohse's "Kindergoth," and the challenges of translating comics to TV.

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