NYCC: The X-Files Panel

CBR News was on hand as Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz held court over a throng of Philes who turned up in droves for news about the enigmatic "X-Files 2" movie, I Want To Believe.

NYCC: Hellboy Dominates 2008

With a new film, novels and numerous new comics, 2008 may be the biggest year yet for Hellboy. Mike Mignola spoke with CBR about Hellboy,, told us just how far into his story we really are and gave us an exclusive peak at The Crooked Man.

NYCC: Kirkman Talks "Destroyer MAX"

This September, writer Robert Kirkman and artist Cory Walker chronicle the final days of a hero of World War II in the "Destroyer MAX" mini-series. CBR News spoke with Kirkman about the project.

NYCC: Legends Behind the Comic Books

CBR News and a crowd of fans got to spend an early Friday evening asking questions and listening to answers from some of the comic industry's most important elder statesmen (and woman).

NYCC: DC Nation

CBR was live from the DC Nation panel at New York Comic Con with Geoff Johns, Dan DiDio, Jann Jones, Keith Giffen, Jim Starlin, Justin Gray, Gail Simone and more!

NYCC: Secret Invasion Panel

CBR was live at the New York Comic Con for Marvel's Secret Invasion panel. Discover all the latest skrully goodness from Joe Quesada and a cast of thousands (of skrulls?).

NYCC: Waid and Wacker Talk "Amazing Spider-Man"

The "Amazing Spider-Man" creative team is about to get a little bigger because veteran comics writer Mark Waid has signed on to do an arc of the series. CBR News spoke with Waid and Editor Stephen Wacker about their plans for the Wall- Crawler.

NYCC: Mondo Marvel Panel

CBR was live from NYCC with Peter David, Marc Guggenhem, Dan Slott and Greg Pak and more on all the news announcements and surprises for the months ahead.

NYCC: Minx Panel

DC's Minx Comics panel at NY Comic Con featured previews of upcoming 2008 series, including "Water Baby," "Burnout," and "New York Four."

NYCC: Into the Fray - Hahn talks new "Buffy" arc

We talk to "Buffy: Season 8" asst. editor Sierra Hahn about the upcoming arc "Time of Your Life," in which "Fray" co-creators Joss Whedon and Karl Moline bring Buffy Summers face to face with her distant successor, plus debut the cover to "Buffy" #17.

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