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DeConnick Locks Down "Osborn"

With the third issue of Marvel Comics "Osborn" series in stores this week finding the titular character attempting escape from a top-secret government prison, writer Kelly Sue DeConnick spills on the secrets, cults and craziness ahead.

Cup 'O Video Q&A: Joe Quesada

What's up with "Runaways?" How about Iron Fist and Norman Osborn? Marvel's philosophy about digital distribution? Joe Quesada answers your questions and more in CBR TV's exclusive CUP O' VIDEO Q&A!

Captain America Faces Norman Osborn In "Siege"

Marvel has released a new teaser for their upcoming Avengers event, "Siege," launching in December 2009, featuring Norman Osborn at gunpoint. No information was given other than the issue's solicitation info.

Marvel Releases Two New "Siege Teasers

Marvel has released a pair of new "Siege" teasers, including one that features images of The Beyonder, The Scarlet Witch, Mephisto and others while posing the question, "Who Is Norman's Secret Weapon?"

The Iron Patriot Acts

CBR News received today a new teaser image from Marvel Comics in support of what they're calling "The Iron Patriot Acts." You're going to have to check this one out for yourself....


In part one of IRON PATRIOTISM, a new CBR feature, we talk with "Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia" writer Matt Fraction about his take on one of the story's central characters, Norman Osborn.

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