Five Movie And TV Crossovers That Really Should Happen

For all the misgivings I have about the shared Marvel Movie Universe - which pretty much comes down to "It's all fun now, but it'll probably seem like a drag ten movies down the line, just like the comics" - I have to admit, there really is a thrill in seeing characters from one place suddenly pop up where you least expect them. In fact, I have to admit, if I had my way, movies and television shows would crossover much more often than they already do - and here are five examples of what I'd want to see.

CW Gives Nikita A Full Season

Control might want her dead, but the CW has different plans for rogue agent Nikita - They've just confirmed that she'll be able to complete a full first season, at the very least.

Review | Nikita

What Nikita lacks in depth, she more than compensates with pizzazz. The CW's updated take on the Nikita franchise certainly has the potential to be a wildly fun ride judging solely on the pilot episode, airing tonight (September 9) at 9:00 PM / 8:00 PM central on The CW.

Maggie Q Talks The CW's Nikita

When Nikita premieres on the CW tomorrow night, audiences will get a chance to see Mission: Impossible III and Live Free Or Die Hard's Maggie Q take on the mantle of the Division's rogue operative as Luc Besson's creation gets rebooted for a new generation. But it's Besson's original movie that drew the star to the role.

CCI: Nikita Pilot Screening And Q&A

Attendees at Comic-Con International got the jump on The CW's new spy thriller Nikita with a screening of the series pilot and an introduction to stars Maggie Q and Lyndsy Fonseca.

The CW Goes Rogue With Nikita

The CW will revisit the film and television franchise based on Luc Besson's action film Nikita with a new action series about an assassin who will stop at nothing to bring down the top-secret government agency that trained her.