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Joe Casey's "Vengeance" -- Part 2

Tim concludes his discussion with Joe Casey as they get to the important questions, like, "What are some things that actually happen in 'Vengeance'" and "where does Butcher Baker fit in?"

Joe Casey's "Vengeance," Part 1

Tim has a candid conversation with Joe Casey about his upcoming work on Marvel's "Vengeance," with artist Nick Dragotta. Think of an event comic, minus the event, and you're on the right track.

Casey and Dragotta Seek "Vengeance"

Marvel held a press conference call to announce Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta as the creative team behind "Vengeance," a six-issue miniseries exploring villains' impact on young heroes.

ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Fantastic Four" #588

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Fantastic Four" #588 by writer Jonathan Hickman and artists Nick Dragotta and Mark Brooks with an Alan Davis cover. The final issue of the series hits stores February 23.

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