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Covers of the Week -- June 13

This week, Alan Fisher drives like hell, Max Damage goes out with a bang, Buffy Summers gets existential (again), and the world comes to an end -- not with a bang but with two covers.

Covers of the Week -- May 16

In this week's installment of Cover of the Week, dancing turns deadly, 1950s Indo-China turns sexy, ghosts get gross, close encounters get furry and the Shadow knows twice as much.

Edmondson Gets Limber with "Dancer"

CBR News spoke to "Who Is Jake Ellis?" and "The Activity" writer Nathan Edmondson about "Dancer," his new Image series about a retired assassin and his dancer girlfriend with Nic Klein.

PREVIEW: "Viking" #4

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents a different kind of preview for "Viking" #4 which hints at trouble to come in the series. "Viking" #4, by writer Ivan Brandon and artist Nic Klein, will be released November 11, 2009.

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