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Greg Rucka: Man of "Action"

With Nightwing and Flamebird now revealed, CBR checked in with writer Greg Rucka to find out why they think they can fill the big red boots of the Man of Steel and what else we can expect from World Without Superman.

Greg Rucka Talks Action Comics

Fan favorite wrtier Greg Rucka is taking over "Action Comics" from his pal Geoff Johns in March, but there will be some different heroes headlining the book in 2009 other than Superman. We spoke with him about the book.

Kreisberg On "World of New Krypton"

In this exclusive first interview about "World of New Krypton," writer Andrew Kreisberg gives CBR the guided tour of his upcoming 12-part Superman miniseries and reveals he's joined FOX's smash genre hit "Fringe."

Baltimore: The Superman Panel

A quintet of Superman creators including Geoff Johns, James Robinson, Jamal Igle, Sterling Gates and Matt Idelson gathered in Baltimore to reveal upcoming events in the life of and answer fans' questions about the Man of Steel.