Sony And Netflix Announce New Deal

Netflixers, you might have to wait longer for that disc of The Karate Kid than you'd originally thought - The mail-order rental company has a new deal with Sony Pictures that will mean a 28 day window between DVD release and rental availability on some movies.

New Apple TV Boasts Netflix Streaming, 99-Cent TV Rentals

Officially unveiled today at Apple's upfront presentation, the second-generation Apple TV will allow users to stream content from Netflix and iTunes, and rent HD television series from ABC and Fox for just 99 cents. The new version of the device, priced at $99, will be released late this month.

HBO Blocks Netflix Deal With Studios

Netflix may have closed a deal for online exclusivity for movies from Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount last week, but don't expect a similar deal for Warners, Universal or 20th Century Fox. The reason why? HBO.

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