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Syfy Mulls Waterworld TV Series

According to a new report, Syfy is considering developing a Waterworld television series because of how well the 1995 film performs every time it airs on the cable network.

Bardem Closes In On Dark Tower

Academy Award winner Javier Bardem reportedly is finishing an agreement to star as gunslinger Roland Deschain in the ambitious adaptation of Stephen King's fantasy epic.

5 Suggestions To Make New NBC Better Than The Old NBC

Now that the merger between NBC Universal and Kabletown - sorry, I mean, Comcast - has been approved by the FCC and introductory memos have been sent out to all staff members to make it official, it's time for the peacock network to start living up to its new motto and make history (again). Here're five thoughts how they can do that.

Wheeler Wears "The Cape" Well for NBC

Series creator Tom Wheeler spoke with CBR News about "The Cape," NBC's latest foray into the realm of super heroes, touching on the show's inspiration, what it's like developing an all-new universe and much more.

Why Comcast's NBC Merger Is Bad News

Comcast merging with NBC Universal isn't just the source of comedy on last season of 30Rock; it's apparently also bad for America itself. Or, at least, that's what Media Access Project policy director Andrew Jay Schwartzman thinks.