Obama On Mythbusters: Your First Look

The things some people will do for a bump in approval ratings. President Barack Obama's guest-appearance on Discovery Channel's Mythbusters airs on December 8th, but to wet your appetite - or, if you're not a fan, to enrage you about his vanity and publicity-seeking ways - the cable channel has released this tease.

Mythbusters In 3D? Plausible...

After eight seasons, someone has finally figured out how to make Discovery Channel's Mythbusters more awesome: Make it 3D. But that doesn't mean that the show is headed to the big screen.

President Obama To Guest On Discovery's Mythbusters?

Opinion polls may show his popularity dropping, but President Barack Obama still has what it takes to appear where you least expect it. This time, though, he's not teaming up with Spider-Man or the Savage Dragon... instead, he's challenging Discovery Channel's Mythbusters.