$#*! my dad says

CBS Likes Its New Line-Up

While other networks cancel shows or make decisions about which series should get new episodes, CBS has a very different experience right now: It's just given full season orders to all of its new 2010 shows.

CBS Makes Sure You Can TiVo $#*!

Here's a problem with CBS' new sitcom $#*! My Dad Says: You can't type "$#*!" into DVD search functions. Which means people might not be able to TiVo the show. Which means they might not watch the show. Luckily, CBS is aware of the problem, and has sent out a letter telling people how to use their DVRs properly. No, really.

William Shatner Says Some $#*!

The first full trailer for the new CBS sitcom $#*! My Dad Says has premiered online featuring William Shatner as an inappropriate father who says lots of $#*!.