New Monsters Trailer Offers A First Glimpse Of Giant Tentacled Aliens

Gareth Edwards' eagerly anticipated sci-fi thriller Monsters has drawn repeated comparisons to last year's District 9. However, any similarities don't extend to the aliens. The film's third trailer makes it clear that the enormous, earth-shaking creatures of Mexico's "infected zone bear no resemblance to the pitiable stranded "prawns" of Johannesburg's slum.

Creepy New Poster For Sci-Fi Thriller Monsters

A new poster has been released for Monsters, Gareth Edwards' micro-budget sci-fi thriller about an American journalist who must escort his employers' through a quarantined section of Mexico overrun by alien life forms. The movie arrives on VOD and iTunes on Sept. 24 and in theaters on Oct. 29.

Watch The New Trailer For Sci-Fi Thriller Monsters

Magnolia Pictures/Magnet has released a second trailer for Monsters, the micro-budget sci-fi thriller that follows an American photojournalist and the daughter of his publisher as they travel through a quarantined "infected zone" where the U.S. and Mexican militaries fight to contain alien life forms.

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