Hahn Pulls an "All Nighter"

Writer and artist David Hahn spoke with CBR News about the process of moving "All Nighter" from DC's now-defunct Minx line of graphic novels to a miniseries at Image Comics.

Campbell on "Wet Moon" & "Water Baby"

After creating "Water Baby" for Minx and contributing to Vertigo's "House of Mystery," Ross Campbell returns to Oni Press and his acclaimed series "Wet Moon" with this month's "Drowned in Evil."

It's not what happened to Minx, it's what the business can learn from it; book reviews; the new American civil war; October birthdays, TV notes and more in this weeks edition of PERMANENT DAMAGE by Steven Grant.

Minx Creators React to Cancelation

Minx creators including Mike Carey, Cecil Castellucci, Jim Rugg, Alisa Kwitney, David Hahn and more talk to CBR about the line's cancellation, the status of any unreleased projects and what Minx meant to them.

DC Cancels MINX Young Adults Line

Multiple sources have confirmed for CBR News that MINX, the line of young adult graphic novels from DC Comics, has been cancelled, with some announced, in- progress and even completed titles shelved.

Rebecca Donner talks "Burnout" at Minx

The story of a teen girl in love with her mom's boyfriend's son, who happens to be an eco-terrorist, "Burnout" is the latest offering from Minx and author Rebecca Donner, who spoke with us about the graphic novel.

NYCC: Minx Panel

DC's Minx Comics panel at NY Comic Con featured previews of upcoming 2008 series, including "Water Baby," "Burnout," and "New York Four."