miles morales

Miles Morales Is My Spider-Man

Brett White returns to CBR, explaining why, after his initial trepidation about the character, he has decided that Miles Morales is unarguably the Spider-Man for him.

Marvel Comics Solicitations for December, 2011

Marvel Comics has released solicitation information and covers art for titles shipping in December 2011, including the latest from "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man," "The Fearless," "Wolverine & the X-Men" and more.

Breaking Big Events

Fresh from Marvel's latest all-star creative summit, Axel Alonso gives CBR a sneak peek inside the planning for the publisher's next big event, teases Cable's importance to 2012 and opines on DC's New 52 success.

Last Week Was The Ultimate

Augie has some unanswered questions about the new Ultimate Spider-Man, shares his thoughts on two new movie promo images, considers a comics purge (again), and looks at Marvel collections for October

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