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Latest 'Mildly recommended' news

Review time! with <i>Ashes</i>
Review time! with Ashes
3 Comic News
“Angels never know it’s time to close the book and gracefully decline” A few months ago, while Mr. Pelkie and I were checking out Previews, he noticed something on a …
Review time! with <i>Ruins</i>
Review time! with Ruins
3 Comic News
“Our bones forever in stone, monuments of life” I’m pretty sure Ruins is the first Peter Kuper book I’ve ever read, even though he has a fine reputation around the …
Review time! with <i>Rexodus</i>
Review time! with Rexodus
3 Comic News
“Wrap my leg around the table, I’ll make the trip when I’m more stable” Rexodus is a classic example of too many cooks (almost) spoiling the broth. It feels more …
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