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X-POSITION: Mike Carey

This week, Mike Carey, the writer of "X-Men: Legacy," answers your questions about Rogue's role concerning Young/New X-Men, and a Marvel artist sends in his Carey request. All this, plus exclusive art!

X-POSITION: Mike Carey

Mike Carey, the writer of "X-Men: Legacy," answers your questions about life, death, romantic entanglements, and trips to India all involving your favorite mutants in this week's edition of X-POSITION.

Carey Forges "X-Men Legacy"

In "X-Men Legacy," Rogue teaches the next generation of X-Men, but in "Second Coming," she has to fight to keep that destiny from being snuffed out. Mike Carey talked about the crossover and what lies beyond.

X-POSITION: Mike Carey

The "X-Men: Legacy" writer joins X-POSITION to answer your questions about X-casts, dead characters, resurrections, and the future of this title. Plus an exclusive look at Yannick Paquette's art from "Legacy" #234!

Carey & Gross Unravel "The Unwritten"

With the first "Unwritten" collection, "Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity," on sale today, Mike Carey and Peter Gross share news about what's happened so far in their Vertigo Comics hit and what's to come in Year Two.

X-POSITION: Mike Carey

The writer of "X-Men: Legacy" swings by X-POSITION to discuss X-people's powers, romantic entanglements, and future premonitions for mutantkind. Plus an exclusive look at art from "X-Men: Legacy" #230 and 231!

Mike Carey's "Legacy"

In "X-Men: Legacy" Rogue experienced the proverbial first day of the rest of her life, but the days ahead might kill her. CBR spoke with Mike Carey about his plans for the character now that she has a new purpose in life.

X-Position: Mike Carey

This week, the writer of "X-Men: Legacy" answers your questions about "Necrosha," Rogue's powers, upcoming guests, and more! Plus, an exclusive look at "X-Men: Legacy" #228, featuring the villainy of Emplate!

Mike Carey on "The Unwritten"

In "The Unwritten," truth may be stranger than fiction, but fiction is much more powerful and dangerous. CBR spoke with writer Mike Carey about his ongoing Vertigo series and the second arc which kicks off in issue #6

Alex Ross Lights "The Torch"

The painter and co-writer behind the miniseries reviving the Golden Age Marvel, Alex Ross talks to CBR News about the villainous stories that set his new take in motion and the secret origin of Toro.

X-POSITION: Mike Carey

The writer of "X-Men: Legacy," Mike Carey answers your questions about Rogue's new leadership position in the X-Men and her newish powers. Plus exclusive art by Dustin Weaver!

Mike Carey on Reigniting The Torch

One of Marvel's original heroes returns in "The Torch," a miniseries that forces the Golden Ager to confront foes both old & new, as well as lingering questions about his past. CBR spoke with co-writer Mike Carey about the book.

HeroesCon: Carey on X-Men: Legacy

In September's "X-Men: Legacy Annual," Mike Carey sends Rogue on a new mission with the next and possibly last generation of Mutants. CBR News spoke with Carey about "Legacy's" new direction.

EXCLUSIVE: Alex Ross' "The Torch" #1 Variant

Courtesy of Dynamic Forces, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at Alex Ross' variant cover for "The Torch" #1, the first issue of his and Mike Carey's new miniseries starring Marvel's classic Human Torch.

Mike Carey's X-Men Gambit

In this in-depth interview, CBR News speaks with writer Mike Carey about Gambit's past in "X-Men Origins: Gambit" as well as the Cajun mutant's present and future in "X-Men: Legacy."

X-POSITION: Mike Carey

Mike Carey answers your questions about the Children of the Vault and the comedic stylings of Iceman, and then goes Rogue on fans in an all-new X-POSITION, featuring exclusive art from "X-Men: Legacy" #223!

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