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Blake Masters Leads "Insurrection v3.6"

"Brotherhood" writer Blake Masters envisions a future in which artificial man fights for the bottom line in "Insurrection v3.6" from BOOM! Studios. CBR News spoke with him about the series, which debuts this week.

WAID TV 2009: Michael Alan Nelson

Prolific BOOM! Studios writer Michael Alan Nelson sits down with his boss, Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid, for an exclusive CBR TV interview about his career, "Hexed," and the new "28 Days Later" ongoing series.

Waid TV 2009: "Dead Run" with Cosby & Nelson

In the latest episode of Waid TV, Mark Waid sits down to talk with the creators/co-writers of "Dead Run," a new 4 issue limited series from BOOM! Studios by BOOM! co-founder Andy Cosby and "Hexed" writer Michael Alan Nelson.

Cosby & Nelson Make a "Dead Run" at BOOM!

"Eureka" creator Andrew Cosby and "Hexed" writer Michael Alan Nelson team-up for BOOM!'s "Dead Run," a miniseries in the vein of "Mad Max." We spoke with the writers and got an exclusive five-page preview.

A Spell on You: Nelson talks Hexed

BOOM! star writer Michael Allan Nelson talks about his new miniseries, “Hexed," which follows the adventures of a beautiful Brazilian thief in her quest for rare mystical objects. Includes an exclusive eight page preview.

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