messiah war

Last Hope: Swierczynski on Messiah War

With the opening shots of "Messiah War" having been fired, CBR News talks with "Cable" writer Duane Swierczynski about the story's early revelations, Deadpool and what it's like to be working on his first crossover.


The X-Editors swing by CBR to answer your questions about new, old, and former mutants of the Marvel Universe. And as always, X-POSITION brings you exclusive artwork from all across the X-Men line.

EXCLUSIVE: Stryfe Returns in Messiah War

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at the cover of "X-Force" #14, featuring the return of Stryfe. Written by Chris Yost & Craig Kyle with art by Clayton Rain, this issue goes on sale in April.

Kyle/Yost/Choi Talk "Messiah War"

The present and future collide in "Messiah War." a 7-part crossover between "X- Force" and "Cable" beginning in 2009. CBR spoke with creators Christ Yost, Craig Kyle and Mike Choi about the kick-off one-shot, "Messiah War Prologue."