Review | This Means War

This Means War, the new romantic action-comedy from director McG, is an unimaginative, poorly edited film with characters so painfully one-dimensional and unlikeable that they can't be redeemed by the on-screen chemistry displayed by stars Chris Pine and Tom Hardy.

WC11: Aspen Comics

Aspen Comics returned to WonderCon with new announcements to share, including three "Executive Assistant Iris" spinoff series, a deal with Hollywood director McG and more. UPDATED with a new art gallery.

Ouija Chooses McG As Director

The Terminator Salvation and Charlie's Angels director is currently in negotiations to direct Universal's adaptation of Ouija, scheduled to arrive in theaters in November 2012.

Terminator Salvation: The CBR Review

With great action sequences, but a thin story, "Terminator Salvation" -- starring Christian Bale and Sam Worthington -- finally reveals, with surprising reality, the Future War of the Machines.

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