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Top 1000 Comics, Trades of 2011

John Mayo returns with complete charts for the top 1000 selling comics and trades through Diamond Comics for 2011, with DC ruling the top ten but Marvel leading the overall market.

DC Comics Dominates September's Sales

Batman and Frank Miller top the September sales charts as DC Comics dominates the Top 100 and Legendary Comics' "Holy Terror" takes the top spot in the trade paperback rankings.

Sales Estimates for July, 2011

Marvel sees an influx of "Spider-Island" residents as "Amazing Spider-Man" #666 takes the title of Best Selling Comic in July with DC Comics' top performer, "Flashpoint" #3, landing at number four on the chart.

Sales Estimates for June, 2011

Death continues to be good for sales as "Death of Spider-Man drove "Ultimate Spider-Man" #160 to the top of the charts by a large margin, followed by "Fear Itself" #3 and "Flashpoint" #2.

The Mayo Report: May 2011

John Mayo analyzes the May sales estimates, which saw numbers drop across the board despite Marvel and DC Comics' summer events being in full swing, and looks ahead to DC's September linewide relaunch.

Sales Estimates for May, 2011

The second issue of Marvel's summer event, "Fear Itself," topped May's direct market sales chart, with no titles cracking the 100K mark and DC Comics' "Flashpoint" #2 settling for a distant second place.

The Mayo Report: April, 2011

John Mayo takes an in-depth look at the Direct Market numbers for April, focusing in on the final issues of "Brightest Day," what it means for DC Comics moving forward, Marvel's CrossGen relaunch numbers and more.

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