Tyrese Gibson Causes Digital "Mayhem"

Musician, actor and comic book writer Tyrese Gibson and his writing partner Mike Le talk with CBR News about the controversy surrounding "Mayhem" going digital on iTunes, future plans for the franchise, and more.

It's the return of "one-liners" as Augie ponders Wizard's Chicago convention's future as a Small Press spotlight, a serious potential road block to comics on the iPhone, comics by the numbers, and comic anthologies as baseball pitchers.

What do Neil Gaiman, Tyrese Gibson, social networking and guerilla marketing have to do with each other? Quite a bit, it turns out, as Brian Hibbs illustrates in Tilting at Windmills latest cautionary tale.

Tyrese Gibson Talks "Mayhem!"

Performer Tyrese Gibson sets his sights on the comic book industry with "Mayhem!" from Image Comics. CBR News spoke with Gibson about how the project was formed and why he thinks he can introduce new readers to comics.

Prepare for "Mayhem!"

This August, Tyrese Gibson will launch his new comic book series "Mayhem!" through Image Comics. CBR spoke with writer Mike Le and artist Tone Rodriguez, about how the project was developed and what readers can expect from the series.

Tyrese Gibson unleashes "Mayhem" @ Image

Tyrese Gibson, star of the "Transformers" movies, has announced his new comics property to be published by Image Comics, "Mayhem." Gibson will be celebrating its release this weekend in Los Angeles.