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First World War Z Trailer Rises

Paramount' Picture has premiered the first full trailer for director Marc Forster's adaptation of World War Z, complete with Brad Pitt, swarms of zombies and a look at the film's huge scope.

Matthew Fox Has Never Watched Lost

Despite all of the progress he made as a character and all of the sacrifices he made for his friends and beloved Island, the Emmy nominated actor claims he's never seen an episode of the series.

"Speed Racer" - The CBR Review

CBR reviews "Speed Racer," the new film written and directed by the Wachowski Bros. ("The Matrix") and based on the classic anime television series, opening this weekend.

SPEED ZONE: Matthew Fox on Racer X

Speed Racer star Matthew Fox talks to CBR News about his role in the upcoming Wachowski Brothers adaptation of the classic anime, and offers some tidbits on Lost's season finale.