matteo buffagni

Daredevil #6

Bill Sienkiewicz's stunning cover says everything you need to know about Daredevil #6: Elektra is back and ready to fight. Charles Soule's fluid script and Matteo Buffagni's kinetic art literally hit home on the rooftops of Hell's Kitc

Amazing Spider-Man #8

Dan Slott and Matteo Buffagni's "Amazing Spider-Man" #8 gives us a good wrap-up of the Dark Kingdom storyline as Spider-Man attempts to free his friends and stop Mr. Negative while betrayal lurks on all sides.

Amazing Spider-Man #7

Spidey faces Mr. Negative and a cleverly altered Cloak & Dagger in Dan Slott and Matteo Buffagni's "Amazing Spider-Man" #7.

Rob Williams Is Rockin' With "Daken"

Rob Williams spoke with us about taking on "Daken: Dark Wolverine," moving the character to Los Angeles and how his work on 2000AD's "Low Life" helped prepare him to take on Marvel's most conniving character.