matt idelson

CCI: DC Comics: The New 52 Panel

At Comic-Con International's DC Comics: The New 52 panel, DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio, Gail Simone, and a slew of creators discussed the September relaunch and the new Flash, Batman and Superman related titles.

CCI: DC's Superman Panel

The all-star creators behind the September relaunch of the original superhero take the stage at Comic-Con, and Superman news from Grant Morrison's on "Action Comics" to JMS on "Superman: Earth One" was there in full force.

ECCC: The DC Universe Panel

DC Comics rewarded good questions with donuts at ECCC's DC Universe panel. Topics discussed at Saturday's panel included "Flashpoint," "All-Star Wonder Woman" "Action Comics" and much more.

ECCC: DC Nation

Emerald City Comicon marked the first DC Nation run to be run by EIC Bob Harras. So what did he bring? News about upcoming books, creators Chris Roberson and Sergio Aragones, hints about heroes, and lots of donuts!

Paul Cornell New "Action Comics" Writer

The writer behind the fan favorite series "Captain Britain and MI-13" steps in to the Man of Steel's longest-running comic, focusing on Lex Luthor while Marc Guggenheim steps aside for more mysterious DC work.