Masi Oka

Heroes' Masi Oka Goes Obi-Wan On Hawaii Five-0

Heroes star Masi Oka, who traveled through space and time as Hiro Nakamura, makes the leap to the coroner's office for his recurring role as Max Bergman in the remake of Hawaii Five-0. The series debuts tonight at 10 EST/PST on CBS.

NBC Releases "Heroes" Teaser Photo

NBC has released a promotional photo for the November 11 episode of "Heroes," which features Hiro traveling through time in order to save Charlie, the girl he loved and then lost at the villainous hands of Sylar.

College Life and Death on "Heroes"

The stars of NBC's "Heroes," Masi Oka and Hayden Panettiere talk about college life, terminal illness, the shorter season, and one particular character's tendency to die at every season's end.

Masi Oka talks Heroes Season Three

“Heroes” star Masi Oka talks to CBR News about the new season of the hit NBC show, “Volume Three: Villains,” his time-traveling character, his new nemesis, and how to deal with your best friend killing you.

"Heroes" Video - "One of Us, One of Them"

NBC has provided CBR News with four video clips from next Monday's episode of "Heroes" titled "One of Us, One of Them." Get an advance look at what happens with H.R.G, Clair, Nathan and more!