Marvel's The Avengers

5 Ways To Help Avengers Reach Avatar's Record

Congratulations to Marvel's The Avengers, which has now become only the third movie of all time to cross $600 million in US box office take alone, with its worldwide take now in the region of $1,438.3 million. Unsurprisingly, with the prospect of the movie potentially becoming the most successful movie in history suddenly coming on the horizon, the question is now raised: Can Marvel and Disney ensure there's enough gas left in the tank to ensure the movie topples Avatar?

The Death of Movies: Less Than 5% of U.S. Goes to Movies 'Frequently'

I hope you're sitting down, because I have some difficult news to share: Almost everyone hates going to the movies. After cinema attendance hit at 16-year low last year, a new study has found that only 3% of U.S. consumers consider moviegoing "a frequent source of entertainment." Is this news as bad as it seems? And if so, what can be done about it?

Which Heroes Deserve Their Avengers Spotlight Next?

By now, chances are you've seen Marvel's The Avengers if you have any interest at all in seeing it - or, for that matter, have a partner who has any interest at all in seeing it - and have made your own mind up about its quality or lack thereof (But, really, come on; it's a good movie). With follow-ups apparently planned for potentially four of the six "official" Avengers, though, we started to wonder: Which character from the movie most deserves the solo spotlight next?

5 Lessons Studios Should Take From Avengers' Success

To the surprise of no-one, Marvel's The Avengers wasn't just a hit on its opening weekend, but a record-breaking one that made money for not just one studio, but three. If anyone knows anything about the movie industry, this means we're likely minutes away from the announcement of a whole new wave of superhero movies, especially Marvel Comics-related ones. What should studios be thinking about as they seek to capitalize on Avengers' success?

Joss Whedon Does Star Wars: Good Idea or the Best Idea?

It's May 4th tomorrow, a day that traditionally just means we should be thinking about all things Star Wars, but let's face it: Everyone is thinking about Marvel's The Avengers instead. Which got me thinking: Would both the internet and fandom assembled collapse in on itself if Joss Whedon was handed the reins of George Lucas' grand space opera?

How Big Will Avengers Be?

Finally, some good news for Disney in a year that's seen John Carter bring some ridiculously heavy clouds to the skies over the Magic Kingdom just for being a (relative) flop: Marvel's The Avengers looks like it's going to be a big hit, with pre-release tracking giving it an opening weekend of somewhere in the region of $125 million. Impressive? Sure. But also, just maybe a little low…?