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Marvel Comics Solicitations for July, 2013

Marvel Comics has released its solicitations for comics on sale in July, 2013, featuring the latest Marvel NOW! releases including "Avengers A.I.", "Ultimate Avengers," "Superior Carnage" and more.

Gillen Mothers the "Young Avengers"

"Young Avengers" writer Kieron Gillen discusses the fallout resulting from Wiccan's accidental summoning of the malevolent entity named Mother, plus an upcoming one-off issue featuring Speed and Prodigy.

Angela, Artist Changes & "What If?: AvX"

It's a packed week as Marvel E-i-C Axel Alonso discusses Neil Gaiman's plans for Angela in the Marvel U, digs deep into the artist rotation on Marvel NOW! and announces a "What If...?" series for "AvX."

Jason Aaron

This week, writer Jason Aaron arrives at A-i-C to talk the mad origins of "Thanos Rising," explain the growing saga of three Thors and alongside Axel tease the possibility of "Origin 2."

Fan Friday From Inside The Marvel Summit

With Marvel's top writers in New York this week for the latest creative summit, Axel Alonso takes questions from fans and reveals some potential major players for the future as well as loads of new art.

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