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Surviving & Surprising In Marvel NOW!

As the final tally for the Marvel NOW! relaunch shakes out, Axel Alonso explores why titles like "Daredevil" will stay the same, why "Uncanny X-Men" is a goner and what's next for Marvel MAX.

Punisher Strips Down in "Naked Kill"

Horror novelist Jonathan Maberry takes Frank Castle back to basics in "Naked Kill" by stripping the character of his usual weapons and replacing them with... a feather duster?

Swierczynski On Frank Castle: Punisher

In this month's "Punisher: Frank Castle" #66, the titular vigilante heads to Philadelphia, where he's forced into a lethal race against time. CBR News spoke with writer Duane Swierczynski about "Six Hours to Kill."

Swierczynski on "Werweolf By NIght"

Beware the full moon in January, because Marvel's most famous werewolf is back courtesy of MAX Comics and Duane Swierczynski. We spoke with the writer about the character that introduced him to comics.